Multi-Device Charger

Product Code: TIL0312
  • Brace yourself, there's no such thing as a short description of the iTwist 5,000mAh 8-in-1 Combo Charger - it has ALL the features. It contains a 5,000mAh battery, powerful enough to provide 2 full charges to most smartphones. Simply twist the wrap-around universal charging cable to switch from Lightning to Micro USB connector.
  • Use the wireless charging capability by placing any Qi-enabled device on the iTwist 5,000mAh 8-in-1 Combo Charger and pushing the power button to activate.
  • This combo charger includes USB, USB Type-C, Lightning, and Micro USB connectors. There are 2 built-in USB ports to support wired charging. Plus 2 input ports are included for recharging the power bank (1 Micro USB port, and 1 USB Type-C port).
  • As a combo wireless charger and power bank, it works with both Qi-enabled devices and those without Qi charging technology.
  • Due to shipping regulations on lithium-ion batteries, we are not able to expedite shipping on power banks. If expedited shipping is required, please inquire with your sales rep regarding Hazmat shipping.

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